| Two Genius of Romantism

Solo Piano



Blandine Waldmann, piano

Brahms, Liszt

“A pianist of great merit…”

During a concert with this program at the Saint Etienne Church in 2014 in Bar-le-Duc, France.

Journal Est Républicain

| Programme

BRAHMS (1833 – 1897)                                          

Three intermezzi op.117

Fantasia op.116 n°7 Capriccio


LISZT (1811 – 1886)                                                           

Sonata in B minor


The romantic era is a veritable minefield for the piano repertoire!

It is also an era where two distinct aesthetics are clearly marked by the prevalence of two composers:
As much in the musical structure as in the evolution of the harmony, the notorious differences between the conservative romanticist of Brahms and the romantic progressivism of Lizst and Wagner were consolidated around 1850.
In this recital, you will be captivated by the major works of these two genius composers.


| Video excerpts of this concert