| The polyphonic violin by Bach



Frédéric Pelassy, violin

[…] Frédéric Pelassy, French virtuoso violinist from the Menuhin school, achieved greatness in his performance of the complete Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin by Bach. He won the complete approval of the audience, not only by his superior mastery of the technical difficulties of these delicate works, but particularly by his very intuitive playing and emotional communication. Aside from a perfect and convincing interpretation of the score, the audience received a huge sensory experience and a glimpse into his soul […] Peter ROY

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| Programme

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Sonata n° 1 BWV 1001

Partita n° 2 BWV 1004

Partita n° 3 BWV 1006

From this impressive instrumental production of Johann Sebastian Bach emerge the masterful Sonatas and Partitas which he intended for solo violin. These works are both the most famous and most difficult to perform in the body of solo violin literature. The masterpiece of the genre is still the prodigious Chaconne, the cathedral of variations set upon the harmonious and melodic pillars of its inescapable theme.

What a genius of inventiveness to have thought of the violin in a resolutely polyphonic spirit.

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