| Ruxandra Ibric Cioranu


Ruxandra Ibric’s voice is completely remarkable in its colour, its strength, its depth and its tone which confers on her a totally unique style.

Present on the international scene, she is known as much for her masterful qualities and vocal technique as for her artistic qualities in the expressiveness and inventiveness of her performances.

| In brief

● Graduated in classical singing at the National University of Music in Bucharest, taught by Eleonora Enachescu and Rodica Crenicean
● Graduated in baroque music at the “Centre de Musique Baroque” in Versailles
● Placements at the Händel Academy in Karlsruhe with Richard Wistreich and Jeffrey Gall and then at the Austrian Baroque Academy with Ute von Garczinski, Kai Wessel and Hermann Max
● Masterclasses with such names as Christine Schweitzer, Alain Buet and Valérie Guillorit
● Prize winner of the “Austria Barock Akademie” (Prize Tostmann Awards) and the “Nadia et Lili Boulanger” Foundation

| Her references

● Appeared on Radio-France, at the Royal Opera and the Royal Chapel of Versailles, the “Théâtre du Châtelet”, the Invalides and the Palazzo Contarini
● Guest at the Chaise Dieu Festival, Festival “Pour l’Amour de la Beauté” in Paris and the Festival for Early Music in Bucharest
● Sang under the baton of Ton Koopman and Christophe Rousset
● Appeared with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France, the “New European Philharmonic Orchestra” and the “Talents Lyriques”
● Her discography consists of six CDs mainly including works of baroque and contemporary repertoire

[…] Ruxandra Ibric Cioranu also impresses in the fluidity of her voice in the later vocalizes Rêve et lune, La Féerique et Pierrot, and Music at Moonrise/Lunaris […] Colin Clarke

Fanfare Magazine, Jonathan Östlund's CD "Lunaris" released in 2016

| Her biography

Ruxandra Cioranu discovered music at the age of seven, when she became a member of the children’s choir Allegretto in Bucharest, the town where she was born. Her musical journey naturally developed with classical singing training at the Dinu Lipatti College (between 1993 and 1997) where she worked with Professor Georgeta Ionescu and afterwards at the Bucharest National University of Music, where she worked with Professor Eleonora Enachescu and Rodica Crenicean. She obtained her classical vocal performance degree in 2003.

During her student years, she began to take an interest in the baroque music, so she attended master classes with Richard Wistreich and Jeffrey Gall at Händel Academy in Karlsruhe and then with Ute von Garczinski, Kai Wessel and Hermann Max at the Austria Baroque Akademy in Gmunden.

In 2004 she was granted a three-year scholarship to study at the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles. She obtained her baroque music degree in 2007.

She also attended master classes by such internationally renowned teachers and singers as: Christine Schweitzer, Alexandra Papdjiakou, Alain Buet, Valérie Guillorit and Maarten Koninsgberger.

She won awards from the Austria Barock Akademy (Tostmann Awards) in 2003 and from the Nadia and Lili Boulanger Foundation in 2008.

She can be heard in France and on the international scene in venues such as: Radio-France, Versailles Royal Opera and Chapel, Châtelet Theatre, The Dôme des Invalides, Louvre Museum, Péniche Opera, Sainte Clotilde Basilica and the Polish Library in Paris, Arsenal in Metz, Orléans theatre, Mont St Michel Abbey, Saint Georges Abbey in Saint Martin des Bois, Notre Dame de l’Épine Basilica, French Embassy, Romanian Atheneum, Banffy Castle, Lutheran Church in Bucarest, Alexandru Davila Theatre in Pitesti (Romania), The Abbey of La Cambre in Brussels, Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg, Romanian Cultural Institute in London and Berlin, Palazzo Contarini, Palazzo Gradenigo and Serra dei Giardini in Venice.

She has participated in many renowned European music festivals such as Festival de la Chaise Dieu, For the love of beauty Festival in Paris, Fortuna Festival (France), Festival di Mezzaestate in Tagliacozzo (Italy), Bucharest Early Music Festival, Early Music Festival in Miercurea Ciuc, Historical Film Festival in Râsnov and Hay Festival in Rosia Montana (Transylvania).

She done many international tours, such as: Romanian Triptych directed by Ilinca Gheorghiu in Brussels, London, Berlin and Venice in 2008, a tour in Prague and Dresden in 2010 around Missa Omnium Sanctorum by Jan Dismas Zelenka, Orient Baroque Express in Romania and Venice in 2013 and 2014, and more recently Baroque Journey in Transylvania in august 2015.

During her career, she has worked with famous conductors such as Ton Koopman, Christophe Rousset, Vaclav Lux, Ketil Haugsand, Jean-Michel Hasler, Jérôme Corréas, Olivier Schneebeli, Lorenzo Tozzi, Riccardo Araujo, Jean-Christophe Leclère, Adrian Butterfield and has collaborated with internationally acclaimed artists such as: Leontina Vaduva, Viorica Cortez, Claude Delangle or Damien Lehman. She has worked with l’Orchestre Philarmonique de Radio France, Romabarocca Ensemble, Collegium 1704, Il Gardellino, New European Philarmonic Orchestra, Les Talents Lyriques, Cordis&Organo and the London Schubert Players.

Her fame grew thanks to the radio, particularly in 2007 when she was invited to take part in a live broadcast hosted by France Musique, for the programme Dans la Cour des Grands.

Her recordings include six albums, three of which were for the French Baroque music label K617: La sortie d’Egypte by Henri Joseph Rigel released in 2007, Grands Motets by Lully and Un Voyage au Cœur des Opéras by the same composer, both of them released in 2005, Le Vœux de Louis XIII which includes music by Nicolas Formé, released in 2007 on the Alpha label, a recording for the Outhere SA label of the opera Renaud by Antonio Sacchini released in 2012, a CD for the contemporary music label RMA, as part of the project Invitation to Composers, which includes the world premier Sea, Shore and Tide by Peter Nickol.

More recently, she has been part of an outstanding contemporary music project called Lunaris, which includes music by the Swedish composer Jonathan Östlund. The recording of this double CD is to be released in 2016 under the Divine Art label.

It is an honour and also a joy to enthusiastically recommend Miss Ruxandra Ibric and her attributes to you. Starting with her voice, which by its lyrical qualities (projection, richness of tone, colour, strength) and by its technical qualities (support, endurance, speed, flexibility…) can assure Miss Ibric a beautiful future in the world of lyrical music. With a good tool you need a good artisan. Miss Ibric is an artist: she sings, we forget the tool, the technique, in favour of the resulting sound which transports us and moves us. Her discretion and her modesty assures us that she has her feet on the ground and she knows how to accept encouragement and support.

Alain Buet

Baritone and Professor , "Conservatoire National Supérieur" of Paris

I could have talked about her immense vocal and artistic qualities during the master classes that I could have given in the Baroque music centre of Versailles and in Paris. During our various meetings I recognised her great progress, which was a result of very regular hard work. Ruxandra Cioranu has already acquired significant expertise in the singing world, she has also showed a great love of French culture.

Valérie Guillorit

Soprano and Professor, "Conservatoire National Supérieur" of Paris

Atelier Vocal Départemental
Camerata Vocale de Brive
Orchestre Forum Sinfonietta
Orchestre des Jeunes de Corrèze (ODJC)
Solists : Ruxandra Ibric Cioranu (soprano), Hélène Moulin (viola), Sébastien Obrecht (tenor) & Christian Helmer (baritone)


Conductor : Jean-Michel Hasler 

Tiberiu BREDICEANU Cine m'aude cantand (Who's heard me sing) with Claude Delangle, saxophone Father Emilian Marinescu, violin and Ioana Brok, piano

The soloists: the tenor Micea Ciurez (Corpo), the soprano Ruxandra Cioranu-Ibric (Anima) and the bass Sorin Dumitrascu (Temp, Mondo and Consiglio). All three of them are impeccable, with distinguished voices, perfectly mastering the rare science of ornamentation.

Original article

Radu Radescu

Journalist, Miercurea Ciuc Festival

PARIS Saint Sulpice Festival Church “Pour l’amour de la beauté”

VENISE Romanian Tryptique

PARIS Saint Sulpice Festival Church “Pour l’amour de la beauté”

VENISE Romanian Tryptique

VENISE Romanian Tryptique

Ruxandra’s performances, of most sophisticated interpretation, show an exceptional voice [range and timbre] and spirit, which always shine though along with her musical choices; spanning from Early Music across the Romantic period to the Contemporary Classical explorations.

Jonathan Östlund