| Loredana Lentini

Piano and harpsichord


Loredana Lentini is a regular guest soloist with Italian and international orchestras.
Having won several international prizes, her technique and musical sensitivity are beyond question.

Her clear, precise and virtuoso playing style can be seen through the brilliance of her baroque and classical repertoire.

| In brief

● Graduated with distinction from the Conservatory Niccolò Piccinni of Bari, taught by Professor Valfrido Ferrari
● First Prize in the International “Pietro Argento” Competition in Gioia del Colle and the “Stravinsky” in Bari (Italy)
● Second Prize in the International Euterpe Competition in Corato (Italy)
● Studied the harpsichord in the department of ancient music at the Conservatory Martini in Bologna, taught by Silvia Rambaldi
● Specialised through masterclasses at the Hindemith Foundation in Switzerland and at the Mozarteum of Salzbourg, with Aquiles Delle Vigne

| Her references

● Collaboration with the “Eurorchestra da Camera” orchestra in Bari, directed by Francesco Lentini
● Collaboration with the “Orquesta de la Universidad de Guanajuato” in Mexico, directed by Niclolai Lalov
● Has been invited to the “Fundaciò Eutherpe” festival in Leon (Spain), the Kotorart festival in Kotor (Montenegro)
● Played at the Smetana Hall, with the Philharmonic Moravian Orchestra directed by Jesus Medina, with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Francesco Lentini and with the Rapides Orchestra, directed by Joshua Zona in the United States

| Her biography

Loredana Lentini was born in 1986 to a family of musicians. She started playing the piano when she was a child.

She graduated with distinction from the Niccolò Piccinni Conservatoire in Bari where she was taught by Professor Valfrido Ferrari.

She has won prizes in international piano competitions; first prize in the “Pietro Argento” in Gioia del Colle (2003) and the “Strawinski” in Bari (2004), second prize in “Eutherpe Competition” in Corato (Italy) and third prize at the International piano competition of Casamassima in 2010.

She attended piano masterclasses with the pianist Aquiles Delle Vigne at the Hindemith Foundation in Switzerland, and in April 2004 at the Mozarteum of Salzburg, playing at the final concerts.

In 2007 she attended a piano masterclass at the “Accademia Arti e Mestieri della Scala” in Milan, with the pianist Pierluigi Camicia, playing in Villa Rufolo and Auditorium Verdi.

In 2005 she had her orchestra debut, playing Bach’s three piano concertos with the “Eurorchestra” in Bari. She played with her mother, the pianist and composer Angela Montemurro, and her grandmother, the pianist Marta Grilletti, and was directed by Professor Francesco Lentini.

In 2008 she performed with the “Orquesta de la Universidad de Guanajuato” in Mexico, playing Scarlattiana of Casella.

In 2009 she performed with the “Eurorchestra da Camera di Bari”, playing a Bach piano concerto with the conductor Niclolai Lalov.

In April 2010 she attended a piano masterclass with the pianist Joaquin Soriano, playing at the final concert, and in May of the same year she performed for the “Fundaciò Eutherpe” in Leon, Spain.
In July 2010 she performed at the Kotorart Festival in Kotor, Montenegro.

In October 2012 , in Rome, she attended the Bach Masterclass with the pianist Ramin Bahrami and she performed in the Sala Casella (Rome).

She played Mozart Piano Concertos in Prague at the Smetana Hall in 2013 with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Jesus Medina, and with the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in 2014 conducted by Francesco Lentini.

In January 2014 she played in Louisiana, with the Rapides Orchestra under the baton of the conductor Joshua Zona.

She plays in Italy as a soloist ( in Bari, Rome, Galatina, Barletta, Macerata, Lucca, Milano, Teramo, Giulianova, etc..) and also with her brother, the violinist Michelangelo Lentini, in Italy and abroad.

Loredana plays also harpsichord, she is studying harpsichord and baroque music at the Martini Conservatory in Bologna under the guidance of the harpsichordist Silvia Rambaldi.

Loredana Lentini, soloist in the Bach piano concertos, has understood how to bring to life the fascinating dialogue between the piano and orchestra, with good technique and sensitivity.

Nicolà Sbisà

Journaliste, Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

Loredana Lentini has an elegant sound, clear and masterful, and sensitive in the slow movement (adagio).

Francesco Scoditti

Journaliste, Contrappunti