| Exaltation

Guitar, Two Pianos and Chamber Orchestra

Pasquale Maglione, guitar

Loredana Lentini, piano

Blandine Waldmann, piano

Two contrasting styles, two masterful baroque composers

Vivaldi, Bach

| Programme

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
Concerto for guitar in D major RV 93
Concerto transcribed for guitar in A major RV 82

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Concerto for two pianos in C minor BWV 1060
Concerto for two pianos in C major BWV 1061
Concerto for two pianos in C minor BWV 1062

Ecstasy and transcendence emerge from this programme based around two main composers of baroque instrumental music: two masters, two characters who interact and enrich to marry virtuosity, excellence in polyphonic composition and control in counterpoint.

The concert on the 15th May 2016 at the Nicolaus Sheraton Concert Hall in Bari
Bach’s Double Concerto with Loredana Lentini and the Eurorchestra da Camera di Bari, conducted by Francesco Lentini

[…] The pianists Lorendana Lentini and Blandine Waldmann form an unquestionably skilled duo. In exemplary style, the two talented musicians have revived Bach’s great creativity with sincere conviction, displaying the powerful content through their refined technique. They displayed the deep sentiments of the works in a fascinating way with an interesting instrumental structure. A huge and well deserved success […] Nicola Sbisà

La Gazetta del Mezzogiorno

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