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French pianist born in Paris, Blandine Waldmann won the First Prize in more than ten international competitions.

The audiences and critics are totally charmed by her musicality and communicative energy. Her contrasting and colourful playing is a result of her creativity and imagination.

| In brief

● Master of piano with distinction from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels’ Dutch section, taught by Aleksandar Madzar
● Master of chamber music with high distinction, taught by Daniel Blumenthal
● Masterclasses alongside such great names as Anne Queffelec, Jean-Michel Damase, Piet Kuijken and Vincenzo Balzani
● Winner of first prizes and awards at numerous international competitions (“American protégé and Bradshaw & Buono International Competition” in New York, International Competition of Geneva, International Competition Erik Satie of Lecce…)
● Recognised by the “Service Général des arts de la scène” of the Ministry of the French community in Belgium

| Her references

● Appeared in such venues as the Carnegie Stern Hall and the Carnegie Weill Hall in New York, the Cadogan Hall in London, the Great Concert Hall of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the “Teatro Comunale” in Florence
● Guest at festivals such as the “Festival de Flandres” in Brussels
● Double CD release based on the music of Swedish composer Jonathan Östlund under the Divine Art label
● CD release Under DUX label in 2017

The pianist, Blandine Waldmann, enchants “La Closerie”

[…] Precise, sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful. She managed to make the hall of the rural theatre gasp. The audience at ‘La Closerie’ were on their feet when they greeted the pianist with a warm applause.

Piano recital at “La Closerie” Theatre in Etais-la-Sauvain 07/27/2016

Under the charm of Blandine Waldmann

[…] The concert pianist Blandine Waldmann offered a superb performance in front of the sold out theatre “La Closerie”. Her career to date testifies of her virtuosity, which is in no doubt. The exceptional accoustics of the theatre enhanced her performance. Numerous music lovers compare it to the famous concert halls. For more than an hour, the public was under her charm, literally transported by this concert pianist whose performance based around Rachmaninov, Ravel, Debussy and Moussorgski was coupled with an elegance and with an absolutely irresistible simplicity.

Piano recital at “La Closerie” Theatre in Etais-la-Sauvain – 07/27/2016

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Blandine Waldmann is a very talented young pianist. Her technique is excellent, the sound is rich in colour and varied, she has a vast understanding of style, and she plays with a degree of emotional involvement and passion that has become rather rare.

Aleksandar Madzar

Miss Blandine Waldmann is an excellent pianist with an impressive technique and a very distinctive style and personality.

Daniel Blumenthal

| Her biography

French pianist Blandine Waldmann has won many international competitions. She has won the first prize at; the International Competition Eurorchestra da Camera “Nuovi Interpreti” in Bari, the International Competition “Erik Satie” in Lecce, the International Competition E-Muse of Athens, the International Musical Competition “Paolo Barrasso” of Caramanico Terme, the International Competition “Florestano Rossomandi” of Bovino, the International Musical Performance Competition “Le Note Sinfonie” at Castel Ritaldi, “Magnia Grecia” Competition at Gioiosa Jonica, the Musical Performance Competition “Premio Rosa Ponselle” in Matera and the Ranelagh Competition of Paris.

She has also won many international competitions such as the American Protégé International Competition in New York, the Bradshaw & Buono International Piano Competition in New York, the International Competition “Grand Prize Virtuoso” de Salzburg, the Paris and Geneva International Music Competition Melos, the International Music Competition AMIGDALA “Giuseppe Raciti” in Aci Bonaccorsi, the International Competition “Luigi Denza” in Castellamare di Stabia, the International Musical Performance Competition “Rito Selvaggi” de Noicattaro, the International Competition “Euterpe” in Corato, the International Competition “Napolinova” in Naples, the International Music Contest “Città di Airola” and the International Piano Competition “les Clés d’Or” in Paris/Villemomble.

Blandine has been invited to play on the International settings and she has performed in venues such as the Carnegie Stern Hall and the Carnegie Weill Hall of New York, the Azusa Pacific University Concert Hall of Los Angeles, the Cadogan Hall and the Duke’s Hall of Londres, the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall of Zagreb, the Lysenko Column Hall of Kiev, the Great Concert Hall of the “Conservatoire Royal” of Bruxelles, the Wolubilis of Brussels, Concert Hall of the « Koninklijk Conservatorium » of Bruxelles, the Cultural and Scientific Center of Russia in Brussels, the Castel of Heule-Kortrijk (Belgium), the Beschtein Center of Cologne (Germany), the “Sala Accademica del Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra” and the “Conservatoire Santa Cecilia” of Rome,  the “Teatro Comunale” of Florence, the “Teatro Comunale” of Corato, the “Teatro Comunale” of Airola, the “Teatro Leonardo Sciasca” of Aci Bonaccorsi, the Auditorium San Domenico of Caramanico Terme, the Congress Hall of the Sheraton Nicolaus in Bari, Reggia di Quisisana in Castellamare di Stabia, the Exviri of Noicattaro, the Palazzo Mastelloni of Naples, the Sala Pasolini of Matera (Italy), the Castel of Lourmarin (France)…

She has also been invited to perform at festivals such as the Vlaanderen international in Brussels (Belgium), the Festival della Valle dell’ Orfento in Caramanico Terme (Italy), the Nuit du Patrimoine in Sarlat-la-Canéda, the Festival International des Jeunes Etoiles of Savigny-le-Temple, the Lumières et Couleurs de la Saulx in Beurey-sur-Saulx and Bar-le-Duc (France)…

Blandine Waldmann enjoys collaborating with contemporary composers. She has worked with a major composer of the Belgian contemporary creative scene, Frédérik Van Rossum. She played on one of the more ambitious projects of this composer in “Catharsis” for two pianos. In recent years, she has worked with the swedish composer Jonathan Östlund on a double under the Divine Art Record Label. The french pianist also recorded and worked with the romanian composer Alin Gherman on the creation of the work “Grains, fleur et son envol” for violin, clarinet, percussion and bass. Blandine also played under the direction of Bart Bouckaert in a contemporary orchestra and she received advanced coaching from the composer Michel Lysight during in-depth training in contemporary music.

Her career as a chamber musician is equally impressive. She has performed with artists such as Eléonore Pameijer, Ursula Leveaux, Sébastien Fournier, Genc Tukiçi, Andrew Hardy, Justus Grimm…

Thank you for granting us and the audience with an amazing performance on July 3rd.

American Protégé

Prize winner recital , Comitee of the International Competition

[…] Blandine Waldmann is extremely polished in the thrilling passage of Britten’s ‘The Young Apollo’, a rarely performed work, accomplished with a surpassing intensity from the soloist and the orchestra.

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La Gazzetta de Mezzogiorno

Concert des vainqueurs du Concours International Erik Satie 2015

Blandine Waldmann’s brilliant work as a performer has been recognized by the Service Général des Arts de la scène du Ministère de la Communauté Française de Belgique.

She has served as a competition judge at the Conservatory of Brie-Comte-Robert (France), the Academy of Berchem-Sainte-Agathe (Brussels), the Institute de Culture Musicale de Paris and has served as president of the judging panel for the Conservatoire F.J. Gossec de Gagny (France)

A new CD “Momentum” will be released in 2017 under DUX label on works by Moussorgsky, Brahms and Scriabin. A double CD entirely features music by Jonathan Ostlund compositions has been released in 2016 under the Divine Art Record Label, acclaimed by critics. With a passion for chamber music, she has recorded with violinists Oksana Ryzhenko, Aram Badalian, Michaël Scoriels and oboist Adrien Eblé, performing the music of Mozart, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, Bloch, Respighi, Dutilleux and Schumann.

She performed on a live radio broadcast during a concert in Lecce by Radio Pugliese in 2015.

Born in Paris, she began her musical studies with Christophe Maynard and Désiré N’Kaoua at the Conservatoires de Rueil-Malmaison and Versailles. Her post-graduate studies took her to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, where she studied under Dominique Cornil. She graduated with First Class honours in piano and chamber music. Then she was admitted at the Köninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels, where she was awarded a Masters in piano with honours from the class of Aleksandar Madzar, and a Masters of chamber music with distinction from Daniel Blumenthal and Viviane Spanoghe’s classes.

At the same time, she continued to perfect her skills by attending various master classes in France, Great Britain, Belgium and Italy where she received artistic coaching from great musicians such as Anne Queffelec, Jean-Michel Damase, Piet Kuijken, Paul Dombrecht, Luc Loubry, Etienne Siebens, Dirk Vermeulen, Sergei Leschenko, Christopher Elton, Volker Banfield and Vincenzo Balzani, Eugen Indjic, Eugène Pridonoff…

(…) The music lovers said that what they had heard was worthy of the best French stages.

Est Républicain

Internationally renowned artist, Blandine wowed the audience with her talent and simplicity! (…) She made us thrill by listening such great musicians as Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Rachmaninov and Moussorgsky. Those who were wrong are those who have not seized this unique opportunity to meet Blandine Waldmann! As a piano virtuoso, she has enchanted the less music lovers of us!

Diana André

Diana André, Conseillère Générale du canton de Bar le Duc Sud, Deputy Mayor

This young pianist combines both a colourful playing and a flawless technique, and has a lot of commitment and passion.

Sud Ouest

[…] Blandine Waldmann is superb in her keyboard color, unafraid to opt for harsher sonorities when appropriate.
The Impressionist moniker is perhaps not entirely apt, as Östlund’ s range of expression is wider. Some
pieces do, however, sit happily with that description, the lonely and lovely Winter Vigil (expressively played here by Blandine Waldmann) being a case in point […]

(About “Miroir d’un Mirage”) The lumbering gait of the fifth movement is well projected by Blandine Waldmann.
It’ s nice to see a piece for solo bassoon, too: The Frog Pond. Playful in extremis, Ursula Leveaux and Blandine Waldmann clearly have fun in both of its movements […] Colin Clarke

Fanfare Magazine, Jonathan Östlund's CD "Lunaris" released in 2016

A pianist of great merit…”

Est Républicain

It started on a Friday night with a concert performed by a Parisian pianist. Blandine Waldmann, a brilliant young artist, trained at the Brussels Conservatory. Her performance delighted the audience which wants to see her again in our region soon.

Est Républicain

[…] Blandine Waldmann returns as the excellent solo pianist […] Huntley Dent

Fanfare Magazine, Jonathan Östlund's CD "Lunaris" released in 2016